Ionia Fair Train 2002 in Saranac, MI.

Ionia Fair Train 2002 in Saranac, MI.

The Ionia Fair midway on a Mid Michigan Railroad train bound for Ionia in the early morning hours passes through Saranac, MI. The video was taken by the former Grand Trunk Western Witches Hat depot, which was moved a few blocks up and across the tracks by the local historical society and restored. The train belongs to James E. Strates Shows out of Florida, who did the Ionia Fair for many years, until sometime in the 1950s, I beleive. Strates Shows is the nation's last railroad carnival. Sadly, this was a one time return, as the rails were pulled at this location in June 2009, about a year after the last train passed the depot. Trains had rolled through here for over 150 years.


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